Brian Cummings’ New Breed of Artisanship

13-018-BOX- 250Welcome to the Knife & Flag brand launch campaign photographed and filmed by Brian Cummings.

Discover a new breed of artisanship with a brand built by independent craftsmen for independent craftsmen. Starting with aprons built to fit an unmet need, Knife & Flag is an up and coming brand tailored to the demands of those in trade industries. The first video in a series of 5 introduces tattoo artists to the apron they’re no longer missing.


13-018-BOX- 134F 13-018-BOX- 109F 13-018-BOX- 50 13-018-BOX- 15

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Client: Knife & Flag Survival Union
Agency: Boxing Clever
Art Directior: Jake Houvenagle

Account Director: Ali Siegel
Creative Director: Jim Harper
Writer: Sarah Rockwell

Producer: Brittany Accardi

Audio: David Kerins

Styling: Samantha Chadwick

Hair: Valerie Brown  Make-up: Phi – Daniell Style

Retouching: Curt von Diest

Motion Graphics: Darrick Hayes

Assistants: Derek Feldman / Alex Grman

Photographer / DP : Brian Cummings

Camera: Canon EOS C100
Lens: Canon EF 50mm, 16-35mm

To see more of Brian Cummings photography go to his website and Altpick page.

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