Expect the Unexpected from Photographer Cade Martin

CM_Port_Shaw_Chairs_0003_w3_RGB The only thing you can expect from Cade Martin’s photography is the unexpected. Like his whimsical, award-winning work for Starbucks, the imaginative photographer once again channeled his magical thinking in his latest work for Shaw Flooring.


The company—looking to refresh its brand image—wanted to move away from the traditional interior shots of its previous campaigns, and was drawn to the Starbucks campaign’s fanciful style. Seeking out the photographer, they asked for a similarly fantastical treatment of their flooring.


Cade, not surprisingly, delivered.  The shoot took place at Barnsley Gardens, a striking Gothic-style castle in Georgia that juxtaposes gorgeous gardens with beautiful buildings in disrepair. The contrast carried through to the piece, as Cade replaced manicured lawns with plush carpeting, cracked stone with beautiful hardwood floors, and aged cement with stunning rugs.  The venue added an otherworldly dimension to the piece that was unexpected and impactful.


“We wanted to rethink how you look at floors. We wanted to create a mood, create an atmosphere. It’s the twist—seeing the flooring where you don’t expect to—that makes you look again.”


Photographer: Cade Martin                                                                                                                       Advertising Agency: Three – Atlanta, GA                                                                                                     Client: Shaw Flooring


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1 Response to Expect the Unexpected from Photographer Cade Martin

  1. These pictures are AMAZING!!!


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