Photographer Matthew Bowie Teams Up with Retoucher Brian York

Photography: Matthew Bowie Retouching & Compositing: Brian York -

‘The Originial’ Copyright by Matthew Bowie – Retoucher Brian York

by Matthew Bowie

I recently started collaborating with Brian York, a photo retoucher to create a series of portfolio pieces together. I have wanted to work with Brian for the longest time and super stoked about putting our minds together. He is an extremely talented artist and master at compositing elements into an image to create a compelling composition.

This was the first project together so Brian suggested we get together at Montrose Beach on Chicago’s North-side, to capture some background plates for another image he was interested in working with.

Photography: Matthew Bowie Retouching & Compositing: Brian York -

‘Detail of the 3,000 leaves w/motion added’
Copyright Matthew Bowie

The weather and lighting was not consistent for the original shot so we walked around looking for something interesting for another image.

We came across an interesting looking bike path, and brainstormed a concept involving a biker being caught off guard by a large gust of wind.

So we got Brian’s Raleigh bicycle, a classic fall jacket and hat, and took several hundred photos. We sat down and selected the best image of Brian so that the story would seem the most plausible and I passed the baton to Brian.



He came back to me with an image that blew my mind. The level of detail that Brian puts into an image is incredible. The final image had several landscape elements removed from the background and had more than 3,000 leaves, in motion, added!

The final image looks awesome and I cannot wait to start the next one. We are planning on creating more images, which we look forward to sharing with you soon. Stay tuned.

Thank you Matthew!

To see more of Matthew Bowie’s work go to his website and Altpick page.

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