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Joel Holland, Oliver Wetter, BC Kagan to name a few have contributed some wonderful insights on our Altpick Connects blog.  Here we have a collection of the latest entries beginning with Joel Holland, The Letterer, Illustrator and Pizza Maker.   

Copyright Joel Holland

Copyright Joel Holland

German Artist and web citizen, Oliver Wetter, has visual appeal with attitude.  Check out his Skulls, Characters and Legends.

Copyright Oliver Wetter

Copyright Oliver Wetter

BC Kagan started her career documenting musicians in the 80s creating an iconic body of work. In her first submission, BC talks about her impression of Duran Duran and the New Romantics Era.


Specializing in vector art and illustration, Teresanne Russell’s strong suit is creating graphics and maps.  “In Her Own Words” Teresanne talks about 4 important pieces in her portfolio.

Screen shot 2013-08-29 at 4.12.54 PM

A skilled photographer can see from both sides of the lens.  Starting out in her career as a model, Shawn Ehlers, adds a lot of energy, her own unique point of view and solid technique to her images.   Shawn tells us a little about how she got to where she is now in “From Both Sides“.

_DSC2388 copy

Eric Cassée’s recent assignment for TIME magazine was to photograph students using a new educational software tool that tracks students progress by Knewton, a New York based technology start-up.  Eric wanted to create a moodiness that dramatizes the interaction between the student and machine.  “Eric Cassée Goes Back to School” interview gives you some insight on his process and behind-the-scene experiences.


Client-friendly and service oriented photographer, Ryan Ketterman, shares with us some of his favorite Summer 2013 imagery.


Altpick thanks Eric Cassée, Shawn EhlersJoel Holland, BC Kagan, Ryan Ketterman, Teresanne Russell and Oliver Wetter for participating in Altpick Connects’ blog posts.

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