Photographer Leslie Jean-Bart :: In His Own Words

For the past fifteen years photographer Leslie Jean-Bart has been creating visual imagery based on verbal ideas, bringing fine art finesse to commercial applications. “In His Own Words” Leslie gives us a little insight on his vision.

Jean-Bart_20100731_6941 copy

LJB:  These images are from the Coney Island beach section of the series “Between Reality and Imagination.” I was inspired to start this ongoing series three years ago when it occurred to me that we no longer seem to think about creating imaginative photographic imagery without utilizing Photoshop.

The series is created using a digital camera, but although approached mentally and physically in the conventional way, it has a totally modern look and feel. All of the images are done in a single shot in camera. Photoshop is used simply to process the raw files and to adjust contrast if necessary.

Although they are not abstract per se, I create these images to engage the imagination of the viewer, allowing them to bring their own interpretation into the mix.

Jean-Bart_20100610_5208 copy Jean-Bart_20100714_6236 copy Jean-Bart_20110704_0502 copy Jean-Bart_20100718_6486 copy

To see more of Leslie Jean-Bart’s photography go to his website and Altpick page.

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14 Responses to Photographer Leslie Jean-Bart :: In His Own Words

  1. Dan Larsen says:

    Really awesome work


  2. Jamie Katz says:

    Stunning, painterly images. These are works of great beauty, sensibility and craft.


  3. Clive Chiu says:

    Great work.


  4. akotlik says:

    great work Leslie!


  5. akotlik says:

    awesome. great work, Leslie!


  6. aurellia says:



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