How Ryan Ketterman and Advisor Magazine Dealt with the Sandy Hook Tragedy

IA-GUNBack in December Ryan Ketterman got an assignment from Investment Advisor Magazine to photograph Jacksonville-based money manager and avid hunter and skeet shooter, Mark Travis. The magazine wanted Ryan to capture his personal side for the interior photo spread.
However, not long after delivering previews to Ryan’s client, the Sandy Hook tragedy occurred. The art director reached out to him just after the holidays requesting 4 files. Two portraits of Mr. Travis in a suit and two with the shotgun.  “I was surprised they still asked for images with the gun.”  Ketterman continues to say, “Not long after the AD sent me these spreads and informed me after much deliberation internally they opted to pull the gun spread and go with a straight portrait instead.”  The political climate surrounding the gun debate and the loss at Sandy Hook was too fresh for them to post this at the moment.
“The AD was kind enough to send both of the spreads to me and give me a green light to post them. The only stipulation is that there it is noted along with the gun spread that it was not published.”  In his Editor’s Note the Editor-in Chief, John Sullivan posted this letter.
Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 7.57.09 PMWhat are your sentiments on the subject?  Did the magazine make the right choice?
To see more of Ryan Ketterman’s work go to his website and Altpick page.
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