Bryan Cole’s Christmas Vacation


“The idea was to take a classic, the moose mug scene from Christmas Vacation, and add my own twist to it.  First,  I got the black dickie and a sweater similar to what they used in the film, a V-neck thin off-white sweater.  This allows the black dickie to show through the sweater, the ultimate in classless wardrobe.  My twist was to add the cut out pine trees to the sweater.  I loved the idea of adding something that looked like a bad Christmas sweater, yet didn’t go too far with it.

Next twist was to add Tyler, a friend of mine.  Tyler is a pro drummer, and has a very creative and funny personality.  He was perfect for the shot…and yes, that is his natural hair.  It is simply awesome.  The next “must have” element was the Moose Mug from the movie.  Adding that and some egg nog made it complete.

I wanted Tyler to be surprised and look off camera for the shot.  The natural response with his left hand and the sloppy egg nog on his upper lip help make the shot.”

— Bryan Cole

To see more of Bryan’s work go to his website and Altpick page.

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