Kyle Dreier’s ‘Foodism’

Inspired by the Cubist art movement, Kyle Dreier created this series of images representing a four-course meal to be used for self-promotion and marketing materials.  This collection won 2nd place in the Altpick Awards photography series category.

“Projects like this start with a random idea and get worked out on paper—I’m kinda old-school about drawing thumbnails and seeing if an idea has merit. These images became collaborations with food stylists Whitney Kemp for #1 and #2, and Teresa Blackburn for #3 and #4. There’s nothing like working as a team, particularly when our brains seem to be so well connected.”– Kyle Dreier

To see more of Kyle Dreier’s work go to his Altpick page and his website.

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2 Responses to Kyle Dreier’s ‘Foodism’

  1. Carol says:

    Wonderful, I love seeing this style used for promotion. It looks so fresh.


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