Editor’s Choice :: Best of 2011

Happy New Year!  A big thank you to our visitors for using Altpick.com as resource for finding amazing talent and thank you our members for being part of our art community for 20 years!  As we begin 2012 we would like to share some of our favorite 2011 images…Part One:

Lisa Predko

Scott Lowden

William Huber

Chris Crisman

Eric Cassee

Blair Bunting

Zave Smith

Brian Cummings

Yvonne Boyd

Glen Wexler

Dorit Thies

Kim Rosen

Sean Qualls

James Benn

Pat Kinsella

Jon Krause

Kyle T. Webster

Francesco Bongiorni

Daniel Fishel


Heather Scholl

Smay Design


David Vogin

Ayako Otoshi

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6 Responses to Editor’s Choice :: Best of 2011

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  2. causnfx says:

    Thank you…for creating a place with such a wealth of talent.


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  4. Beautiful and compelling work once again, Altpick you rock 🙂


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