Anastasia Vasilakis’ 25 Days In Berlin

These images are my travelogue of the 25 days I spent in Berlin. I jumped the sea to see where a new love would go. I followed my heart and a voice. Literally. Berlin was the backdrop to the mysterious, lush, all consuming, sensual mechanics of chemistry.
These images are the conversations that ensued during my stay there. The structure of thought, how people moved and interacted with one another, the signage, the light, the flow of traffic, the unexpected forests, and the gardens and lakes all spill into and inform this work. 
And on the outer edge of this emotional map is the remarkable diverse architecture of Berlin, the language, the wall, and the historical legacy. In Berlin I found out that wanting more is ok. Experiencing more is ok. More perfect is even better. I was taken out of the sometimes isolated life of an artist. Tossed out of my Brooklyn same old same old. The world became buoyant in Berlin, yet ironically, I felt completely invisible except in one person’s eyes. 
These drawings were made during the last days before my departure. And the experience that informs them have made them lighter and more open than my work just months before. They are new every sense.
–Anastasia Vasilakis
See more of Anastasia’s work on her website and
Contact Anastasia directly to purchase her work.
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1 Response to Anastasia Vasilakis’ 25 Days In Berlin

  1. What a wonderful experience that had to be. Love these works too.


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