Wednesday : Tip Jar

The artist bio. You have to write one. Reaction? Does the thought fill you with an inevitable sinking feeling?

Who are you?

A bio is part story-telling and part self-promotion. It’s a fine balance of the personal and professional. Your work should speak for itself. Adding words to it supports the story. Your thinking, rationale and motivation behind the art. Yes, we want to know the why. Because it’s your interpretation of the piece, it’s wholly you. There’s no right or wrong. It’s yours.

Add a client list you are proud of, a career background filled with experience and the ever-important potential. If you’re light on the experience, use your interests. The potential spotted, right? Buyers always want to know that you are a consummate professional. Just the mention of a brand, agency or another buyer’s name is a shortcut to knowing that they’re dealing with a pro.

The personal bit is more challenging. Many artists speak eloquently with their art. It’s their chosen form of expression. Created beautifully and giving us a view into you. Do include personal tidbits in your story. Something uniquely you that buyers can recall after reading all about the experiences that may fit certain criteria but the fact that you are a rodeo barrel racer will stick.

Saying all that, here’s the real tip: You’re an artist. A guaranteed license for creativity. Don’t worry so much about bio protocol. Feel better?

If you don’t have one already, add a bio to your Altpick page. If your bio is up, here’s a gold star. Now go update it. Keep it current, you pro.

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