Altpick Features Artists: Jenni Catullo, Mark Smith, Ellen Weinstein and Photographer Paul Thomas Gooney

This past week’s Member Focus artists are included in today’s Weekly Round-Up.  The outstanding work of illustrators includes Jenni Catullo, Mark Smith, Ellen Weinstein, and Designer/Photographer Paul Thomas Gooney are featured below.  Enjoy!

Illustrator: Jenni Catullo

©Jenni Catullo

Illustrator: Mark Smith

©Mark Smith


Illustrator: Ellen Weinstein

©Ellen Weinstein

Designer and Photographer: Paul Thomas Gooney

©Paul Thomas Gooney

To see more of the above artists’ work and others, please visit

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New Images from Altpick Members

Highlighting some new images from our Altpick members, which include: Jenni Catullo, Ivan Canu, Sergio Baradat, Eddie Guy, Lennette Newell, Brian Allen, Alberto Ruggieri, Lyn Alice, Oivind Hovland, Urs J Knobel, Ellen Weinstein, Jon Krause, Umberto Grati, Rudy Gutierrez, Robert Wilson, Gaétan Charbonneau, Tom Cocotos, and Kustom Kult.

Illustrator ©Jenni Catullo


Illustrator ©Ivan Canu


©Sergio Baradat


Illustrator ©Eddie Guy


Photographer ©Lennette Newell


Illustrator ©Brian Allen


Illustrator ©Alberto Ruggieri


Illustrator ©Lyn Alice


Illustrator ©Oivind Hovland


Illustrator ©Urs J. Knobel


©Ellen Weinstein


Illustrator ©Jon Krause


Illustrator ©Umberto Grati


Illustrator ©Rudy Gutierrez


Photographer ©Robert Wilson


Photographer ©Gaétan Charbonneau


Illustrator ©Tom Cocotos


Designer ©Kurstom Kult


To see more of the members’ work, please visit

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Weekly Round-Up: Daria Kirpach, Mirko Cresta, Øivind Hovland and John Fedele

This week’s Member Focus Round-Up included the following artists: Illustrators Daria KirpachMirko CrestaØivind Hovland and Photographer John Fedele.

Illustrator Mirko Cresta

©Mirko Cresta

Illustrator Daria Kirpach

©Daria Kirpach

Illustrator Øivind Hovland

©Øivind Hovland

Photographer John Fedele

©John Fedele

To see more of the artists’ work, please visit



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Altpick Features Kevin Steele, Donna Wilson, John Kuczala and Kevin Steele

This week’s Member Focus Round-Up featured illustrator Donna Wilson, Photographers  John Kuczala, Art Brewer and Kevin Steele.

©Kevin Steele

Photographer: Kevin Steele: “It’s all about feeling: Creating an emotional connection in images that range from quiet and still to explosively dynamic. I love shooting people with a zest for life. I can work fast and light or crew up as needed for both stills and motion production with a great team. Every assignment is an opportunity to create something extraordinary….and have a lot of fun. Authentic, emotional, time-slowing, cinematic imagery is how I see the world. “


Illustrator: Donna Wilson

©Donna Wilson


Photographer: John Kuczala

©John Kuczala


Photographer: Art Brewer: While renowned as the heavyweight champion of surf photography, also enjoys an extensive career outside the genre. While waves and surfers are his obvious métier, his talent runs, quite literally, much deeper. Be it scuba-documenting the skeletal remains of ditched Japanese Zeroes in Palau for Islands magazine, capturing the intensity of the top NFL players for Nike, or luring high-speed PWC towards his lens (and face) for a Yamaha shoot, Art gets the job done with vision, élan, and brutal efficiency.

©Art Brewer


Please visit to see more of the artists’ work.

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Miller Shoots Exclusive Ferrari Event In The Hamptons

Photographer ©Kent Miller

Kent Miller is back this week with a new video and some excellent photos from the USA launch of LaFerrari. The super posh invitation was extended to owners with 10 or more Ferraris! The footage was taken at an exclusive opening event in the Hamptons, where Kent had been invited to capture the gathering of people coming face-to-face (or hood?) with some of the brand’s finest vehicles. “It was an amazing night to see”, says Kent. “And having that many cars in one place was unreal!”

Be sure to follow the link below for more images from the event.

To see more of Kent Miller’s photography, please visit his website and page on Altpick.

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George Kamper’s The Story behind the Creatures

©George Kamper

Photographer George Kamper was commissioned to shoot stills concurrently for a promo video for the Camden Aquarium.

“These critters were great fun to work with and very spontaneous…Not a lot of patience on set, but we were able to set up our lighting and barriers around the tabletop so they had a little freedom to hop around.” Kamper continues to say, “We captured some fun and dramatic angles and textures while the video crew shot in a different room and set. Having photograph lots of action sports, this was right up our alley”.

There were handlers on set to insure the safety of each frog (or toad) in the short window of time Kamper had to shoot within. One concern was that they didn’t want to get the frogs and toads dehydrated while on the plexiglass table during the shoot.  All went well and to top it off, Kamper won the Rangefinder Creatures competition with their shot of the Amazon Milk Frog!  Congratulations!

©George Kamper

Here a few runner-ups:

To see more of George Kamper’s work, please visit his page on

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Tom Cocotos’ New Portrait Series Features Some Well-Known Faces

David Bowie ©Tom Cocotos

Who knew that you could do so much with so little? Well, we knew of course, because we’re very familiar with the excellent collage illustrations made by Altpick member Tom Cocotos. His most recent portraits depict some all-too-recognizable celebrities such as Judy Garland, Jay Z, David Bowie, Mae West, Cardi B, and Maggie Smith, as well as politicians like Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, King Jong Un, and Rudy Giuliani.

To see more of Tom Cocotos’ work, please visit his page on

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Celebrating 19th Century Painter William Sidney Mount

Looking back at American artists it’s important to note that an artist’s success in the 19th century wasn’t necessarily measured by work exhibited in galleries and museums, but by engraved reproductions.  Setauket painter, William Sidney Mount’s “The Long Island Farmer Husking Corn” was picked up by engravers to print on bank notes, for example.

William Sidney Mount

At the time, depicting scenes of everyday life at work and play was unusual.  But Mount’s paintings of ordinary life on Long Island earned him a distinctive place among emerging American painters.

Mount was trained at the National Academy of Design in New York City and was a contemporary of the Hudson River School.  Multi-talented Mount was also an accomplished violinist.  Deborah Johnson, president and chief executive of the Museums at Stony Brook says “His love for music competed constantly with his love for art”.

Studying the details in Mount’s paintings gives you a little insight into the life and times of our American ancestors.  To enjoy a rich experience, view his paintings at The Met Fifth Avenue, New York.

William Sidney Mount – born November 26, 1807 – Died November 19, 1868

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Happy Holidays from Altpick Members!

Happy Holidays from Altpick’s members: photographers, illustrators, designers, animators, and multi-media artists!  Wishing everyone a healthy, happy and prosperous 2019!

©Erika LeBarre

©Oliver Wetter

©Studio Caswell

©Umberto Grati

©Huan Tran

©Joey Feldman

©Dingding Hu

©Kyle Dreier

©Kate Turning

©Caitlin Alexander

©Giulio Bonasera

©Davide Bonazzi

©Paul Garland

©Ray-Mel Cornelius

©Lyn Alice

©Sally Vitsky

©Robert Houser

©David Fullarton

©Tracy Mattocks

©Kim Wiseman

@Whitney Lane

©Ale and Ale

©Anthony Foronda

©Dave Calver

©Bradley Clark

©Ivan Canu

©Jing Jing Tsong

©Lacko Illustration

©Andreas von Buddenbrock

©Yien Yip

©David Owens

©Carlo Giambarresi

©Karolin Schnoor

©Victo Ngai

©Alberto Ruggieri

©Joey Guidone

©Garth Glazier

©Lisa Adams

©Philippe de Kemmeter

©Susan Gal

©Urs Knobel

©Tracy Mattocks

©Brian Allen

Enjoy the holiday festivities! To see more of the artists’ work, please visit

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Hoang Creates New Illustrations for Scientific Publications

Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security – ©Dung Hoang/Furious Visual World

Science and learning are on our minds right now, as we look at some excellent new work created by Illustrator Dung Hoang for a number of scientific and educational magazines. These include The Scientist, Monmouth magazine and Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

The Scientist – ©Dung Hoang/Furious Visual World

For The Scientist, Dung created a piece that directly accompanies a recent article dealing with studies on effective thinking. A more urgent theme, however, is seen in his piece for Johns Hopkins, which explores the research on learning about (and ultimately, fighting) pandemic pathogens.

The Scientist – ©Dung Hoang/Furious Visual World

Monmouth Magazine “Gender-Based Violence” – ©Dung Hoang/Furious Visual World

To see more of Dung Hoang’s work, please visit

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