This Week’s Member Round-Up: Illustrators Kevin Hauff, Angela Martini and Photographer Jim Fiscus

This week’s Altpick Member Round-Up featured 3 brilliant artists: illustrators Angela Martini and Kevin Hauff and photographer Jim Fiscus.

Illustrator Angela MartiniAngela Martini always knew she wanted to be an artist, just not the starving kind, so she decided to be an illustrator when she grew up. So far her plan has worked out rather well. After graduating with a BFA in Illustration from The Fashion Institute of Technology, she worked as a fashion illustrator, a coat check girl, a web designer, and a character creator for a design firm. Now she works from home as a freelance illustrator creating whimsical artwork for the teen and tween crowd. She’s illustrated several books for American Girl and numerous books for Scholastic, Penguin, Simon & Schuster and Random House, and many others.

Illustrator Kevin Hauff

“Image makes who likes playing with paint, collage, and a computer!” — Kevin Hauff
Some of the people Kevin really enjoys working with….
New York Times. Adobe Systems Europe. British Telecom. British Airways. Economist. Elle. Financial Times. Gillette. GlaxoSmithKline. Good Housekeeping Magazine. GQ. Greene King Brewery. Haymarket Group. Harper Collins. IBM.  Macmillan Publishing. Mitsubishi. New Scientist. Oxford University Press. Observer. Picador. Penguin Books.  Royal Mail Stamps. Scholastic.

Photographer Jim Fiscus

Jim Fiscus is a visual storyteller who builds his narratives using conceptual photography, his unusually vivid imagination, and a strict dedication to delivering the greatest number of options with the least amount of fuss. “I would describe my work as a series of environmental portraits,” he says. “I’m lucky in that I get to create most of the environments. The goal is to tell a complete story within one frame.”

To see more of the artists’ work, please visit

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Congratulations Altpick Members in AI-AP, ADDY, Spider, Neal, Luerzers Archive, ASMP, Applied Arts, AOP, One Eyeland, Color Awards, Circle Arts, Creatively Quarterly AWARDS

As you may know, we are not only in the midst of a quarantine but in the midst of the Award Season in the graphic arts community.  Many members have been selected, chosen, or won awards in American Illustration 39, ADDY, Black & White Spider Awards, Jesse H. Neal Awards, ASMP, Applied Arts, Luerzer’s Archive, Int’l Color Awards, One Eyeland, AOP, Creative Quarterly and Circle Arts Awards.  Let’s take this opportunity to congratulate all of the winners!

Ellen Weinstein, Illustrator

Two of Ellen Weinstein’s pieces,  “Cats and Dogs” and “Noninvasive Beauty Treatments”, have been selected for the American Illustration 39 Annual Book and exhibition.

Kent Miller, Photographer

Kent Miller’s winning pieces have been published in the 14th Black & White Spider Awards Video Series: Fine Art – “Dance Hurts”; Honorable Mention in Fine Art – “Dance Hurts”; Nominee in Fashion – “Jess in the Tub”; and Nominee in Fine Art – “Breana Smear”.

David Plunkert, Illustrator/Designer

David Plunkert’s art for the book “Artificial Life After Frankenstein”, and 2 Posters for Theatre Project: “Suffrage” and “If/Then” were selected for American Illustration 39.

Urs J. Knobel, Illustrator

“Boris Johnson” ©Urs J. Knobel

Urs J. Knobel’s portrait of the Prime Minister of the UK, “Boris Johnson”, has been selected for the American Illustration 39 Awards.

Kristofer Dan-Bergman, Photographer

Kristofer Dan-Bergman’s winning piece “Raging Mother” has won several awards this year, Applied Arts, Nominated in the International Color Awards, Shortlisted in Graphis and Gold in 2019, Creative Quarterly Top 100, and United Photo Industries – Earth in Focus Award.

Chris Lyons, Illustrator

“Canandaigua Lakefront Art Show” ©Chris Lyons

Chris Lyons‘ poster “Canandaigua Lakefront Art Show” has been selected into the Society of Illustrators 2020 show and received a Gold in the ADDY Awards.

Jon Krause, Illustrator

Jon Krause’s pieces, UVA Lawyer “Lies in the Media” and  Wall Street Journal “Creating Strong Passwords” were chosen for the American Illustration 39 Awards.

Ivan Canu, Illustrator

“Very Italiani” ©Ivan Canu

Ivan Canu’s portrait of the Italian Romantic poet Giacomo Leopardi, one of the 50 portraits of “Very Italiani”, a book written by Rossana and Francesco Maletto Cazzullo for Adriano Salani Publisher was a selected winner of the American Illustration 39 annual and exhibition.

John Kuczala, Photographer

“Return to Sender” Crain’s Cover ©John Kuczala

John Kuczala’s photo for Crain’s magazine won a Neal Award in the Best Art Direction for a Cover.  The image, art directed by Carolyn McClain illustrated how some NYC council members tried to squash the deal to have the Amazon headquarters in LIC.

Dorit Thies, Photographer

“Fearless” ©Dorit Thies

Dorit Thies‘ “Fearless” won second place in ASMP Style Editorial category.

Jay Watson, Photographer

“Veda on West Cliff Drive” ©Jay Watson

Jay Watson’s “Veda on West Cliff Drive” apparel shoot for Santa Cruz Skateboards wins in the 2020 Applied Arts Photography & Illustration Awards Annual, Portrait Single category.

Simon Puschmann, Photographer

Simon Puschmann’s images have been selected for the 200 Best Advertising Photographers 20/21 Luerzers Archive; International Color Awards for Honorable Mention in Fine Art | Wastelands; Honorable Mention in Still Life | Assaulted Flowers and Nominee in Advertising | BMW Concept4; Spider Awards Honorable Mention Advertising McLaren, Silver Award at One Eyeland Award, Category Fine Art / Still Life Wastelands Series; Vega Award Canopus Winner, BMW Concept 4 Film; AOP Award 2020 2x Finalist Forest Bathing & Wastelands, Wastelands Exhibition at Fraunberg Ateliers Munich, Germany, Wastelands Exhibition at Zingst Fotofestival, Zingst, Germany (both fell victim to Covid 19).

Richard Borge, Illustrator

Richard Borge was selected for two pieces, “Buzzing in Innovation” for Mechanical Engineering magazine and “ART IS!” for the School of Visual Arts in the American Illustration 39.

John Dykes, Illustrator

“Carvel and Pinto” ©John Dykes

John Dykes’ painting “Carvel and Pinto”, acrylic and collage on mounted board with acrylic resin 2020m 48″ x25″ was created as part of a 1960’s theme series was selected for the American Illustration 39 book.

Ryan Ketterman, Photographer

Ryan Ketterman’s JAXPORT series won a Gold District ADDY award and the image has moved on to the nationals.

Lisa Powers, Photographer

Lisa Powers received a “Certificate of Excellence” from Circle Arts Foundation, Myrina Tunberg Georgiou, Director for her image titled “Complicated Women” and a Black & White Spider award in the Portrait category for her “Bauhaus” piece. In addition, her images were selected by LENS magazine as a featured.

Eddie Guy, Illustrator

Eddie Guy’s winning pieces in the American Illustration 39 awards included “How Many Bones Would You Break To Get Laid” – “Incels” going under the knife to reshape faces for New York Magazine and “Competing in the Age” of AI for Harvard Business Review.

Tom Cocotos, Illustrator

©Tom Cocotos

Tom Cocotos’ piece “Jay-Z Dissected” was selected for the American Illustration        Awards 39.

Sergio Baradat, Illustrator

“Las Trés Marias”
©Sergio Baradat

Sergio Baradat’s piece “Les Trés Marias” was selected in the                                           American Illustration 39 Awards.

Paul Garland, Illustrator

“Ghost Bike” ©Paul Garland

Paul Garland’s “Ghost Bike” illustration for @phillymag_art article on a plan to eliminate traffic deaths, has been chosen as one of the winners for American Illustration 39.

Carlo Giambarresi, Illustrator


Carlo Giambarresi two art pieces, “Teachers Empowering” and “Aviation’s Climate Challenge” were selected for American Illustration 39.

Robert Houser, Photographer 

Robert Houser’s photograph, “Backbend” won several awards including APA – Gold in Sport; One Eyeland – Bronze in Sport; IPA – Honorable Mention; Black & White Spider Award – Honorable Mention in Sport and Int’l Color Awards – Honorable Mention for “Ballet”.

Mark Peterman, Photographer

©Mark Peterman

Mark Peterman’s image, “The Path Through the Woods” was selected for the American Photography 36 annual and chosen for the online gallery.


Thank you for taking the time to view these amazing artists! 

Please visit to see their full portfolios.

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Bodhi and Chop Get Center Stage

by Maria Ragusa Burfield

Illustrator Alexei Vella captured the likeness of our dog Bodhi perfectly. Bodhi’s deep black eyes and his white fluffy Shih Tzu hair brings out his sweet personality.

This all started back when I saw Alexei post an illustration of his Shih Tzu “Charlie Boy”, who looked exactly like our firstborn Shih Tzu named Chop. I couldn’t resist and I purchased a print from Alexei.

Then along came Bodhi. I contacted Alexei again to see if he could illustrate a portrait, this time of our secondborn, Bodhi.

This rest is history and now both prints hang side by side on our wall delighting us every day.

Thank you Alexei Vella!

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Andreas “The Ink Trail” von Buddenbrock Launches YouTube Channel


Illustrator ©Andreas von Buddenbrock

Illustrator Andreas von Buddenbrock (aka “The Ink Trail”) has just released his very first YouTube channel to showcase his work! So far, the channel contains numerous videos with time-lapses of his working process, from initial sketch to finished artwork. According to Andreas, the channel will also eventually include tutorials, tours of his sketchbooks and more.

For more future videos and updates, be sure to subscribe right here:

Andreas vonBuddenbrock links:

YouTube Channel:

Altpick Page:

Personal Website:

The Ink Trail:


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Kevin Steele’s “Life on Pause”

Photographer ©Kevin Steele

by Photographer Kevin Steele

A personal project documenting life in quarantine. The new normal.  Shot through the front door, being safe, into the space of self-isolation revealing life apart and together.

The Instagram project page is at @Life.onPause
Please follow, share and let me know if you wish to participate in LA.

The world shifted this week to a new normal. Each day brings difficult news of the seriousness ahead. These are unprecedented times.
You may know me as a commercial advertising photographer, life full of color and emotion. This brings me back to my roots documenting life.
These days bring us together no matter how we are physically apart.

Shot with one camera & one lens, photographs are being added daily.

I am being extremely safe: mask, gloves, Clorox wipes, and distance. Shooting from outside in. My wife is a germaphobe, I’m extra careful.

Photographer ©Kevin Steele

In normal times we manage full end to end production and post.  Authentic people, amazing places. Content created for wonderful clients. Photography and directing internationally.  While productions are on hold your clients still need imagery:  I have an extensive released and licensable stock archive.     805.895.7868       rep: Doug Truppe     212.685.1223

Kevin on Altpick:

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Kamper Shoots Indy Race Car Driver Jack Harvey for Venice

When people think of race cars and their drivers, it’s unlikely that their thoughts immediately go to a sunny beach in Florida, yet this is exactly where George Kamper’s latest shoot for Venice Fort Lauderdale’s Magazine with Indy race car driver Jack Harvey took place — and for good reason! In fact, the setting perfectly reflected the fashionable and laid-back driver, who quickly became comfortable in working with George’s team of highly skilled professionals. Naturally, a motor vehicle still made an appearance, albeit not the model Jack uses for his racing.

“I love shooting on the water”, said George when describing the experience on his blog. “We know what needs to be available for us to get the shots; crew, lighting, grip, security, etc… Often times, we’re adjusting to accommodate the wind, glare off the water, weather… It’s a lot of fun as long as you have the right crew and have planned out all the possible issues that could impact the shoot.”

The full Venice article can be found among the links below, along with a deep-dive into what went into the successful beach shoot (BTS photos by George’s wife, Sherryl Kamper).



George Kamper’s Altpick page:

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Richard Borge’s SVA “Art Is!” Subway Poster Project

©Richard Borge

Illustrator Richard Borge’s interview with @NewYorkNico from Heller Films, Borge discusses his “Art Is!” poster for SVA, how it’s important to keep your career fun and most importantly to follow your dreams.

©Richard Borge

Borge’s collaborated with Gail Anderson on the ”ART IS!” SVA subway poster, which explores how art is about play, imagination, and passion.

With the School of Visual Arts “ART IS!” series, the artist is asked to interpret what “art is!” means to them. The parameters were very open, and they had responded well to Richard’s style in which he makes toys. Gail Anderson (creative director) just wanted him to do his thing and was very supportive of everything Richard brought in. “To me, art can include play and exploration, which was the basis for the series.” Richard continues to say, “We created one large poster for the NYC Subway and a series of 3 animations for the LinkNYC animated kiosks on the street level around NYC. I’m honored to be on the list of artists who have created these posters over the years”.

©Richard Borge

©Richard Borge

©Richard Borge

©Richard Borge

To see more of Richard Borge’s work, please visit his website and his page on


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“Fresh Images” from Altpick Members

Something new…featuring “Fresh Images” from Altpick Members: Keith Barraclough, Scott Council, Paul Goodney/Figurestock, Kent Miller and Jason Burfield.

Photographer Scott Council :: USA Women’s Handball Team Series -“Creating projects like this is the reason why I became a photographer. I wanted to capture images that convey strength in all of us. These women are modern greek gods, symbols of what it means to be great. They are intelligent women and incredible athletes that deserve our attention.

©Scott Council

©Scott Council

Photographer Keith Barraclough started his “Redhead Project” back in February 2013.  Over the past 7 years, Keith has photographed redheads across the country.  Recently in Savannah, he reached a milestone of having photographed 501 redheads!

©Keith Barraclough

Paul Gooney’s Figurestock is an out-of-the-box collection of original and exclusive commercial images designed for book cover use. Combine Figurestock’s figures with your background photos to create the perfect book cover.

©Paul Gooney/Figurestock

Photographer Kent Miller feels blessed to be able to call his passion for photography a job. “I push the limits, learn something new every day, and use my inspiration to create something that promotes my clients’ brand.”

©Kent Miller

Photographer Jason Burfield shoots wildlife, nature, sports, portraits, landscapes and everything in between.

©Jason Burfield

To see more of the photographers’ work, please visit

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Holiday Wishes from Altpick Members and its members wish you a Happy and Joyous Holiday and may 2020 bring Good Health, Happiness, and Prosperity!

©Garth Glazier

©Paul Garland

©Aaron Meshon

©George Kamper

©Studio Caswell

©Alicia Buelow

©Oliver Wetter

©Keith Barraclough

Friend + Johnson Reps

©Umberto Grati

©Ellen Weinstein

©Ellen Weinstein

©Joey Guidone

©Robert Houser

©Robert Houser

©Chris Lyons

©Eddie Guy

©Kevin Hauff

©Lisa Predko

©Ed Ramirez

©Lisa Powers

©Lynne Foster

©Ray-Mel Cornelius

©Rick Souders

©Richard Borge

©Anni Betts

©Sarah Hanson

©Kent Miller

©Kate Turning

©Aaron Meshon

©Urs J Knobel

©Erika LeBarre

©Lyn Alice

©Huan Tran

©Brian Allen

©Andreas von Buddenbrock

©BC Kagan

©Kimberley Wiseman

Portrait of George Kamper

©Davide Bonazzi

©John Kuczala

To see more of the photographers, illustrators, graphic designers and animators’ work, please visit

Happy Holidays!

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This Week’s Member Focus Round-Up: Brian Allen, Enosuke Saito, John Kuczala and George Kamper

This week featured 4 amazing artists which included Illustrators Brian Allen/Flyland Designs and Enosuke Saito and Photographers  John Kuczala and George Kamper.  Enjoy a small selection of their work below!

Illustrator: Brian Allen – Flyland Designs

©Brian Allen – Flyland Designs

Illustrator Enosuke Saito

©Enosuke Saito

Photographer: John Kuczala

©John Kuczala

Photographer: George Kamper

©George Kamper

To see more of the artists’ work, please visit



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