Altpick Member Focus :: This Week in Review

In today’s Altpick blog post we are highlighting work from this past week’s Member Focus artists.  We are very excited to showcase a mini sample of  Photographer Bob Stevens and Illustrators John Sledd and Barbara Dekeyser Please visit to see more. Enjoy!

Photographer Bob Stevens grew up at the beach and started surfing at 12, lucky kid.
Spoke a dialect peppered with terms like ‘stoked’, ‘bitchin’ and ‘dude’. Still uses dude a lot. He thought he wanted to be a writer, an ad copywriter no less. Things got in the way, like surfing and beach volleyball. The latter led him to photography classes, long story.
“I jumped into my own business and haven’t looked back”, says Stevens.

Photographer ©Bob Stevens

Photographer ©Bob Stevens

Illustrator John Sledd – Sledd Studio has been working in the graphics industry for 20 years now,  spent the first five of those years in print shops, advertising agencies, and corporate graphics departments. The rest have been spent running Sledd Studios, where John’s clients have ranged from design studios to video game developers and everyone in-between.

Illustrator ©John Sledd – Sledd Studio

Illustrator ©John Sledd-Sledd Studio

Barbara Dekeyser, conceptual illustrator, enjoys representing ideas, stories, and concepts in a visual way. Her subjects of choice include current affairs, the human spirit, our digital world, business topics, and the environment. Basically all the things.

Illustrator ©Barbara Dekeyser

Illustrator ©Barbara Dekeyser

To more of the artists’ work, please visit


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