Celebrating the Work of This Week’s Featured Members

This week we celebrate the work of 4 amazing artists whose art has appeared in publishing, advertising, editorial, and corporate projects.  The artists’ vision focuses on beauty, inspiration, style, and the impact of social issues.  Their strengths center around a strong artistic style,  professional creative collaboration, and an understanding of creative solutions.

Illustrator Rudy Gutierrez

Illustrator ©Rudy Gutierrez

Illustrator ©Rudy Gutierrez

Best known for his children’s books and album covers, Rudy Gutierrez also shows his talented style in editorial and advertising.  Recently Rudy’s work is a part of “The Unity Project”, an art and civics initiative of the Norman Rockwell Museum.


Illustrator Lynne St Clare (Foster)

Illustrator ©Lynne St Clare Foster

Illustrator ©Lynne St Clare (Foster)

Artist Lynne St Clare (Foster) focuses on conceptual portraits where idea and form converge.  Lynne’s goal is to translate raw emotion into a visual image, to enlighten, amuse, and sometimes disturb.

Illustrator Urs J Knobel

Illustrator ©Urs J Knobel

Multi-talented artist Urs J Knobel can easily transition from his more personal work of watercolors to his black & white and colorful caricature style for any publishing, editorial or corporate project.  Urs expresses humor and social justice through his insightful work.

Illustrator Jeff Mulawka

Illustrator ©Jeff Mulawka

Illustrator ©Jeff Mulawka

Inspirational elements from fashion, music, lifestyle, and interior design influence Jeff Mulawka‘s style to create chic and ultra-modern illustrations.  Jeff composes his pieces digitally while also incorporating traditional elements of painting, collage, negative relief, and sgraffito to produce innovative and refined art.

To see more of the artists’ work, please visit Altpick.com.

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