Changing America Series 001 :: Featuring Daria Kirpach, Caitlin Alexander, Chris Lyons and Kristine Lombardi

During this unrest and uncertain times, we must do our best to stand with our oppressed brothers and sisters.  Showing empathy and sympathy for those who face challenges every day is a step in a positive direction.  Big and small acts of kindness, understanding those who are different from you, showing tolerance when you don’t understand, and always coming from a place of love will have a positive impact on our society. has asked its members to submit an image that conveys their feeling on today’s crises.  Today we are featuring the first 4 in the series, Illustrators Daria Kirpach, Caitlin Alexander, Chris Lyons and Kristine Lombardi.

Illustrator :: Daria Kirpach

Illustrator Daria Kirpach

Muhammad Ali was not only the great champion but also a fighter for justice. Ali was suspended from the fighting license for taking sides against the American military initiative in Vietnam.  Daria’s illustration was a self-promotion piece.

Daria’s unpublished pieces were about sexual abuse on African and Afro American women.

Illustrator :: Caitlin Alexander

Illustration:: Caitlin Alexander

“It is very problematic that many white people are more concerned with voicing disapproval of looting and rioting than they are speaking out against racism and police brutality. Problematic meaning, in fact, racist. If you care more about storefronts and merchandise and destructive behavior than you cared about the black people who were murdered, causing these riots… then you have engaged in promoting and continuing the racist system that created it. Rioting is how the unheard have a voice. Their peaceful protests have been met with disdain and tear gas and rubber bullets. We, white people, have pushed this situation to its current point because we haven’t cared nearly enough.”—–Illustrator Caitlin Alexander

Illustrator :: Chris Lyons

Illustrator Chris Lyons

Chris Lyons created this piece imagining a world where Ahmaud Arbery could run without worry or concern. Just a workout like any other white American experiences without a second thought.

Illustrator :: Kristine Lombardi

Illustrator Kristine Lombardi

Kristine Lombardi‘s depicts Gandhi’s words perfectly, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Stay tuned for the next edition of “American Change Series 002”

To see more of the artists’ work, please visit

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