George Kamper’s The Story behind the Creatures

©George Kamper

Photographer George Kamper was commissioned to shoot stills concurrently for a promo video for the Camden Aquarium.

“These critters were great fun to work with and very spontaneous…Not a lot of patience on set, but we were able to set up our lighting and barriers around the tabletop so they had a little freedom to hop around.” Kamper continues to say, “We captured some fun and dramatic angles and textures while the video crew shot in a different room and set. Having photograph lots of action sports, this was right up our alley”.

There were handlers on set to insure the safety of each frog (or toad) in the short window of time Kamper had to shoot within. One concern was that they didn’t want to get the frogs and toads dehydrated while on the plexiglass table during the shoot.  All went well and to top it off, Kamper won the Rangefinder Creatures competition with their shot of the Amazon Milk Frog!  Congratulations!

©George Kamper

Here a few runner-ups:

To see more of George Kamper’s work, please visit his page on

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