George Kamper Photographs Florida Panthers’ Defenseman Aaron Ekblad – “A True Grit”

Photographer©George Kamper

Photographer George Kamper recently was asked to shoot professional NHL hockey player, Aaron Ekblad in a cowboy, western themed shoot for the cover and inside feature for the premier launch issue of a new magazine, “Florida Panthers + Cats”.

The creative director and publisher admired Kamper’s recent series of photos and video, “The West”, as well as, other recent “western” themed campaigns he’s been lensing.

Photographer©George Kamper

Florida Panthers defenseman, Aaron Ekblad, filled the role of a “True Grit” not only for the story, but also for one of the team’s star players.

Photographer©George Kamper

George found an excellent location for the shoot, Livestock for Reel”.  The site and set up had an authentic looking western town, saloon, mules, horses, barns, farm animals, stage coaches and more, which helped set the mood for the perfect western theme.

George Kamper, crew and Aaron Ekblad knew exactly what they were doing and the photos are proof.  Nice job!

Photographer©George Kamper

Photographer: George Kamper; Client Florida Panthers Magazine; Stylist: Danny Santiago

To see more of George Kamper’s work, please visit his website and his page on

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