Andy Goodwin Shares Details On His “Buehrle” Photographic Series

©Andy Goodwin

©Andy Goodwin

If you’ve been following Andy Goodwin’s work lately, chances are that you’ve seen his photographic series called “Buehrle!”, which features a young boy (Buehrle) and his hero pedal car in a number of different locations. Andy recently shared some details about the project, including how he bought the car on Ebay before casting his protagonist and how he knew right away that little Buehrle was the perfect candidate for the job. Andy says: “I had never met a kid that was so full of joy and wonder and so up for shooting in all of these crazy locations.”

Except for the hedge shot (which was a little too far away to get Buehrle to), each shot was taken on location. “The snowplow was actually a bonus while we were shooting on a street near his house”, Andy explains. “We asked the woman plow driver to make a few passes and she happily helped us out… “


As most children his age, Buehrle is growing quite rapidly, and has according to Andy already grown out of both his suit and his car (the shots were taken last year), which unfortunately means that the series might be getting close to its end. “Although”, Andy adds, “I do have a bunch of shots of him on white so we may be dropping him to other scenes this year.”


Take a look at some more of the images from this adorable photo-series on Andy’s website and be sure to visit Andy’s page. 

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