George Kamper’s “When Night Falls”


Dark, mysterious, haunted even? Styled by Danny Santiago with unique pieces from local designers and shops, here is When Night Falls


Venice Magazine and Photographer George Kamper had a different vision for the Bonnet House. What happens at night inside the Historic Bonnet House?


Venice_Bonnet_2391_r1flatweb-533x800The Bonnet House Museum and Gardens comes alive at night with dramatic headpieces and wickedly beautiful ensembles.


Venice_Bonnet_2265_r1flatc1-667x800Venice_Bonnet_2735_r1flat1-533x800Venice_Bonnet_2654_r1flatweb-800x533Photographed for Venice Magazine

Publisher: Carlos Suarez Editor: Nila Do Simon Photographer: George Kamper Model: Marina Z  Wardrobe Stylist: Danny Santiago Stylist Asst: Alfred J. Barrera Make up & Hair: Eddy de la Pena Digital Tech: Zach Scheffer Photo Asst: Felipe “Flip” Patino 2nd Asst: Huston Ochoa PA: Kasey McCauley Retoucher: Christine Craig


The Bonnet House was purchased by Hugh Taylor Birch and was given as a wedding present to his daughter Helen and her husband, Chicago artist Frederic Clay Bartlett in 1919. Helen tragically died only 5 years into construction but her husband eventually was remarried to Evelyn Fortune Lilly and they continued to build onto the unique architecture of the home, lavishly decorating the interior and creating the astonishing gardens around the home. Frederic died in 1953 but Evelyn continued to return each winter until 1983 when she gave The Bonnet House to the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation. Her contribution-at the time, the largest charitable gift in Florida history-ensured that the site would be preserved for the enjoyment and education of future generations. Evelyn died shortly after at the age of 109. The Bonnet House is a now a Historical site and tourist destination in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

To view more of George Kamper photography, please visit his website and Altpick page.

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