Scott Council :: Faster Higher Stronger :: Olympic Athletes

Custom-Name-USOC02_GracieGold_Set-02667The Russian Federation will host the 2014 Olympic Winter Games for the first time since the Soviet Union hosted the Summer Games in Moscow in 1980.   Building towards a successful event, the Russian Olympic motto translated (as seen on the poster above) is “Faster, Higher, Stronger”.  Scott Council had the pleasure of photographing 89 athletes in 7 days at Smashbox Studio in Hollywood.   The ad campaign will help raise funds to support the athletes in their training, traveling and living expenses.


Scott had 20 minutes with each athlete to capture them on both a white backdrop and on a set.  Scott managed to do a great job completing the assignment without any hitches.


“The US Olympic teams represent the precise cross-section of the American stratum like nothing else i have ever seen. You have 50/50 men and women, you have the rich and poor and all nationalities. What other event or organization do you have people who lived in their cars when they were kids along side Harvard grads who have had a lot of advantages. What they are and where they come from doesn’t matter they are all united with this love and pride of being on the American team and united in their hard work and determination to be great. In so many ways they represent what makes all human beings great. The idea that hard work, perseverance, and skill are available and attainable to everyone is core to how i see the world. I am an existentialist all the way. I really believe we make our luck and we make our selves great or not great. It really is true that just making it to the Olympics makes you a Champion.” — Scott Council

Custom-Name-USOC04_KatieUhlaender_Set-04843 Custom-Name-USOC01_Heath_Sweep-00740 USOC05_HilaryKnight_Set-06065

 To see more of Scott Council’s work go to his website and his Altpick page.

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