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It’s October…World Series Time!

c-f-payneCheck out baseball illustrations by CF Payne, Rudy Gutierrez, Maria Corte Maidagan, Gary Kelly, Mark Summers, James Bennett, Mark T Smith, Bill Sanderson, Guy Stauber, Tim Bower, Ricardo Martinez, Paul Cox, Thomas Ehretsmann, Douglas Smith, Ted Wright, and Gregory Manchess and some famous baseball quotes.  See all of the images here.

Christoph Martin Schmid’s “Trouble in Paradise”

TIP_Book_10  A true globalist, Christoph’s passion for conceptual storytelling and carefully crafted imagery led to the unique visual style that characterizes his work in this book.  Read the interview here.


ICON8 ‘Work & Play” Poster – ICON8_poster_final.inddVice President and Creative Director at Penguin Books, Paul Buckley is no stranger to the ICON Conference.  He designed this spectacular alternative poster for ICON8, which will take place in Portland, OR next year.  Look deep into the eight and you will discover amazing things. To register and get more information, click here.

SLPcorner0812_04711rfs Why do these people smile? – Scott Lowden photographed the folks at a notorious apartment building, 1050 Ponce De Leon Place, in Atlanta GA,  surprisingly, Scott was able to capture the genuine reason why these people are always smiling.  Read Scott’s post here.

Chris Crisman’s ‘Dia De Los Muertos’ Portraits

crisman_muertos_portaits_002-590x786Dia de los Muertos is celebrated throughout Mexico and in other cultures around the world as a way to celebrate and remember those who’ve passed.  Read more here.


Screen shot 2013-11-04 at 12.30.35 PMJust in Time for Halloween – John Kuczala photographs the darker side of your desk, Spooky Office!  See more here.

See more of the artists’ work on their altpick.com pages.

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