Illustrator James Benn :: In His Own Words

James Benn lives and works in the UK.  As an illustrator, James loves to come up with new ideas for both his clients and his own personal projects.  With graphic influences and illustrative undertones, sometimes he prefers flat bold shapes within the imagery to tell the story.  James first sketches out his drawings by hand before scanning them into the computer. He creates a flow that tends to have a narrative base.  His strong concepts within his work captures the idea and delivers the message.  You can feel the joy he is portraying.  In his own words, James tells us about some of his favorite images.

SnowJB: Snowman – I created this past winter, no surprise from the fact that it was snowing and I was searching for inspiration.

JB: Apple – is a fun play on the brand, as it is so symbolic nowadays I thought it would be humorous to play on that.

JB:  Heartbreak – a slightly more graphic image but one I’m sure that resonates with everyone.

JB: Jockey – In the UK there was big news when Horse meat had gotten into beef products. So it was merely a bit of a joke that if were eating horse were riding cows.

To see more of James Benn’s work go to his website and Altpick page.

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