Simon Puschmann Shoots over 8 days in Downtown Chicago

Sometimes the less we are given, the more we give. On assignment to shoot for BMW,  KKLD discovered just how creative they had to be with some temperamental prototype cars teasing them with all too brief glimpses. They didn’t have time to be jealous with sharing them. They just focused their lens and wooed some finely tuned machine hearts.

Simon Puschmann had one prototype car per Model i3 & i8 that were extremely sensitive to heat and sun (must not get hot) which meant that the actual shooting times were extremely short. Sometimes the prototype cars were only allowed out in the sun for 10 minutes at a time. The prototypes were shipped straight from the shoot to their first official presentation at the Frankfurt Auto show and hence they had to be looked after really well. They also had to share the prototypes cars with a press photography team and a film team who shot a commercial.

Impossible conditions and parameters? Gentlemen, start your engines.

Agency : KKLD, Berlin

Client : BMWi

Producer local : Jake Mills Productions

Producer over all : Tim Michel Producer, Hamburg

Photographer : Simon Puschmann

See more of Simon Puschmann’s work on his website and his Altpick page.

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