Tim Gough + Midweek Mountain Get Away

Tim Gough (pronounced like cough with a “G”) has created the album cover art for newly released EP Midweek Mountain GetAway. This new album blends the sounds of Philadelphia band Toy Soldiers and Nashville musician Jordan Hull.

The highlight of this project for Tim, “was working with some young and upcoming musicians.”

The birth of this EP came from Jordan Hull’s impromptu visit to Philadelphia to stay with friend and fellow musician Ron Gallo of Toy Soldiers. A midweek get away to the mountains, provided the album’s title.

With Tim being a SHA artist, Jordan was already familiar with Tim’s artwork and ironically; Ron had worked with Tim at a Philadelphia newspaper.

The purpose of the project for Tim was, “to create a striking piece of art that represents the experience of the collaboration of artist and their music.” Tim further explained, “I found it interesting that the musicians seem to have been influenced by their time during their escape to the mountains. Jordan told me about the trip and hinted at some of the antics they got into. I wanted to capture the collaborative nature of the album, but also that this group of artists experienced an adventure together. So going off what I knew of these guys and being inspired by the music they made during that time, I did my vision of the band on their adventure.”

Check out Tim’s album cover art and listen to the EP at www.itunes.com. We think you’ll find Tim’s artwork to be “striking” and the EP well worth the listen.

For more of Tim’s work check out his site, Scott Hull’s site and his Altpick page.

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