Student Creativity: One Judge’s Thoughts

Julie Lieberman from SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design, recently invited me to speak to the illustration department students about marketing and promotion. We made it fun with a contest to design an Altpick postcard that would be sent out to art directors and creative directors in the industry. At the end of the presentation, we reviewed the finalists and announced first, second and third place winners.  Not so easy. The concepts and illustrations were incredibly well-done.  Here are the runner-ups:

Sayada Ramdial‘s piece was funny and nicely illustrated with ‘’ prominently displayed.

Molly Lawrence’s beautifully executed piece had a subtle and quiet message.

Ashley Mercer‘s type treatment prominently displays ‘’ and the circus theme is a fun way to get someone’s attention.

Ashley’s  postcard side B is strong and can stand alone.  If used together, both side A and B may conflict.  I love the way Ashley brought in the different categories around the border.

Charlotte Jackson’s retro approach appeals to my sensibility and I love the use of minimal color.

Here is my favorite.  This has the punch (no pun intended) and Jack Finch‘s graphic design approach to his illustration has the right message for the audience Altpick is trying to reach.
Jack’s postcard side B: I love the type treatment, however, it needs a little more art direction and reorganizing the space for a stamp, return address, contact info and send to address space. However, it can be easily fixed and therefore this is my first place winner for the SCAD’s Altpick Postcard contest. Great work, Jack.

The three runners-up won a free year membership on  Thank you to everyone who participated. You made the winning entry a difficult choice by creating great pieces!

Maria Ragusa-Burfield – Owner and Founder of Alternative Pick and

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