Wednesday’s Tip Jar :: Transformation

Tim Rasmussen. “A recovering photojournalist who stumbled into management and photo editing.” Transformed the photo department at The Denver Post over the 4 years. This is an incredible story.

Tim Rasmussen, assistant managing editor for photography at the Denver Post, shared some important tips at  a joint conference of the Associated Press Media Editors and the Associated Press Photo Managers workshop.   We would like to share the highlights with you:

What are your goals? What are your expectations? Are you willing to except more from yourself? Have you joined the ‘lower expectations’ support group just to get by? This is a difficult time in the biz for higher expectations, but this is exactly what we need for ourselves and our audience.

Is it possible to use photojournalism to make a difference in our community and world?  Can we affect the lives of our readers in small towns and large? Absolutely.

To make photographs that come from the heart should be the easy part if you care every time you take a picture because it shows.  Create the compelling images that gives our readers insight to their lives. Let the truth be our prejudice. Our readers will recognize it.

Create a work environment that challenges you to produce the best work of your career. Our environment affects us more than we realize. Attention must be paid.

What to expect? Engage in good communication. Editor-to-editor, photographer to reporter, photographer to client. Have ideas, follow-through and deliver on commitments. Whether you are a photojournalists, commercial or advertising photographer, you are all journalists.

Be great storytellers.

The Denver Post – all images are copyrighted

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