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Established in 1992, The Alternative Pick commenced with a clear mission, providing creative buyers with a vehicle to source the best brightest and most exciting illustrators, photographers, graphic designers and animators in the business. The Alternative Pick sourcebook (1992-2005) became the outlet for cutting-edge commercial talent, offering a unique platform for artists to showcase their work. The Alternative Pick Deck (2009-2012) offered a fun and engaging format for locating leading commercial artists. In addition, The Altpick Awards (2003-2011) introduced yet another way to provide a platform for talents to shine. To meet the demands of an ever-changing industry, was launched in 1996 and presently provides a vehicle for talent to utilize the web to connect more effectively with buyers. As we mark our 30th anniversary in 2021, remains a premier source for creative professionals and we plan to continue to push the envelope providing the best vehicle for buyers to connect with creative talent.

This Week’s Member Focus Round-Up highlights this week’s Member Focus artists: Illustrators Alicia Buelow and Jameson Wilkins; Photographers Karen Ollis and Lisa Powers. Check out more of their work on Altpick. Illustrator/Designer: Alicia Buelow Alicia Buelow’s illustrations combine found objects with text, drawings, photographs, … Continue reading

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Photographer Blair Bunting’s New Project: E-Bikes

Blair Bunting‘s e-bike project started when he found himself going to every local bike shop seeking information about the capabilities and shortcomings of the e-bike. Eventually, he stumbled on Aventon, a California-based company that has a smaller selection but with … Continue reading

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Puschmann Creates Unique Series From Road Trip

Photographer Simon Puschmann’s new personal series, “CALIFORN-IR”, will have you feeling like you’re in a parallel reality — close to our own world, yet vastly different. The reason? His use of a modified Sony A7R3, shooting in infrared (at 550nm) … Continue reading

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George Kamper Takes the Game of Polo by Storm

“I truly enjoyed photographing Hope Arellano for the cover and editorial images in EQ Living. What surprised me was how down-to-earth and easy-going Hope was. Being a polo player and competing at the highest levels in men’s and women’s competitive … Continue reading

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Vialli Illustrates Raymond Chandler’s “Farewell, My Lovely”

Philip Marlowe may be writer Raymond Chandler’s most prominent private eye, but another important, yet often overlooked hero (or heroine in this case), is his outstanding female character, Anne Riordan. The two of them showed up together in the novel … Continue reading

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Photographer Mark Peterman’s “Ping” Campaign

The “Ping” campaign for the Putting Lab Design (PLD) program, is a custom putter experience created to give golfers unprecedented access to precision-milled putters and tour-level fitting experiences. Photographer Mark Peterman documents the details of the handcrafted putter and on the concept, design … Continue reading

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Blair Bunting’s “The Art of Moving Forward”

by Blair Bunting The tracks begin to ring. I listen closely with the engine roaring louder and louder as each second passes and ready my camera…my finger resting steadily on the shutter. The forest; the leaves; the freight train tearing … Continue reading

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Andreas von Buddenbrock’s New Detailed Work by “The Ink Trail” Sees An Up-scaling In Size

“Taxi Repairs” and “North Point Business” are the latest two highly detailed ink drawings by Andreas von Buddenbrock (aka “The Ink Trail”). The latter is Andreas’s largest Micron pen drawing to date with a size of 75.7cm x 55cm — … Continue reading

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Altpick :: March Image Round-Up

Each month Altpick highlights the new images that members uploaded to their page. For the month of March, several illustrators including Anni Betts, Jon Krause, Anthony Foronda, Ellen Weinstein, Urs J. Knobel, Mirko Cresta, Huan Tran, and Robert Babboni added … Continue reading

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Photographer Alan Matthews Shares New Portraits!

“I love people and I immensely enjoy hearing their stories while I photograph them.” That’s a quote from photographer Alan Matthew’s official bio, and it really shows in his images, new and old. Just this year alone, Alan has been … Continue reading

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