“Fresh Images” from Altpick Members

Something new…featuring “Fresh Images” from Altpick Members: Keith Barraclough, Scott Council, Paul Goodney/Figurestock, Kent Miller and Jason Burfield.

Photographer Scott Council :: USA Women’s Handball Team Series -“Creating projects like this is the reason why I became a photographer. I wanted to capture images that convey strength in all of us. These women are modern greek gods, symbols of what it means to be great. They are intelligent women and incredible athletes that deserve our attention.

©Scott Council

©Scott Council

Photographer Keith Barraclough started his “Redhead Project” back in February 2013.  Over the past 7 years, Keith has photographed redheads across the country.  Recently in Savannah, he reached a milestone of having photographed 501 redheads!

©Keith Barraclough

Paul Gooney’s Figurestock is an out-of-the-box collection of original and exclusive commercial images designed for book cover use. Combine Figurestock’s figures with your background photos to create the perfect book cover.

©Paul Gooney/Figurestock

Photographer Kent Miller feels blessed to be able to call his passion for photography a job. “I push the limits, learn something new every day, and use my inspiration to create something that promotes my clients’ brand.”

©Kent Miller

Photographer Jason Burfield shoots wildlife, nature, sports, portraits, landscapes and everything in between.

©Jason Burfield

To see more of the photographers’ work, please visit Altpick.com.

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