This Week’s Member Focus Round-Up : Keith Barraclough, Paul Garland, Yvonne Boyd and Brian Smale

This past week we featured 4 amazing artists: Keith Barraclough, Paul Garland, Yvonne Boyd and Brian Smale. To view their portfolios, please visit  Below are some samples of their work.

Photographer : Keith Barraclough

Professional and personable, Keith Barraclough,  is able to think creatively on his feet and collaborate with a wide range of clients and subjects – from puppies to corporate executives – in a fast-paced, high pressure environment.

Illustrator: Paul Garland

©Paul Garland

Paul Garland’s digital imagery begins with confident pencil drawings, he then uses traditional hand made textures, paintings and printmaking to complete the works.

Photographer: Yvonne Boyd

Yvonne Boyd grew up in rural Pennsylvania, where her dream was to be a drummer in a rock & roll band.  After graduation from college,  Yvonne moved to Atlanta Georgia, and while realizing her dream of playing music, she discovered her passion – photography.

Photographer: Brian Smale

©Brian Smale

Brian Smale is widely known for his portraits of the world’s leading businessmen and women, scientists, inventors, politicians, and a few very interesting oddballs.

To see more of the artists’ work, please visit

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