Simon Puschmann on the Road with Porsche

18_Cayman_2013A master zoom lens on some of the world’s biggest stages with one of the most recognized icons.

Photographer Simon Puschmann shot 50 images for Porsche (ads and catalogue) spread over a period of a 40 day job including travel.  They shot in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Shanghai, Melbourne and Canberra.  Post Production took another 3 months to assemble the images in  CGI.

Client Porsche AG.  Agency Kemper Kommunikation, Frankfurt. Producers: Tim Michel Producer, Stillworks, Southern Media. Post Production and CGI Zerone, Hamburg. Photo assistants; Nikhil Monteiro, Sub Pig, Leon Puschmann, Merlyn Reuter. CGI dolly: Move n Shoot.  

01_Cayman_2013 16_Cayman_2013 15_Cayman_2013 14_Cayman_2013 13_Cayman_2013 07_Cayman_2013 08_Cayman_2013 09_Cayman_2013 10_Cayman_2013 11_Cayman_2013 12_Cayman_2013 06_Cayman_2013 05_Cayman_2013 04_Cayman_2013 03_Cayman_2013 02_Cayman_2013

To see more of Simon Puschmann’s work go to his website and page.

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