Curtis Parker Creates Custom Mural for Panera

4.a.Parker_EmeryvilleMuralArt7x23RevisedDid you know Panera Bread builds each bakery cafe from the ground up, with architects and designers thinking through all aspects of the project, including which neighborhood it’s in? Realizing that, it makes sense that they wouldn’t choose off-the-shelf art for their carefully considered spaces.

And in the case of this custom mural for a building-side in a California location, SHA artist Curtis Parker cooked up a 40 x 12-foot painting that reflected the history of the city — local planners were emphatic that it couldn’t be about Panera itself — as well as evoking the feel that Panera was looking for.


Rough Sketches

VP / Design Creative at Panera Bread, Jay Jung, said “It turned out to be an amazing piece of art and full of incredible detail and activity” and we’d agree. Curtis did a fantastic job. Jay also mentioned enjoying the collaboration with Curtis, saying “it worked beautifully, just discussing the objectives of the project directly with the artist.” And as little bit of project trivia, Jay added, “If there just happens to be a small group of work men in an obscure corner of the mural enjoying a sandwich from Panera, I really can’t tell you how that got in there!”


Final Sketch By Artist

To see more of Curtis Parker’s work go here and his page.

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