The 20th Anniversary Edition :: The Alternative Pick Deck

Celebrating it’s 20th Anniversary, The Alternative Pick proudly presents the 4th edition of the Altpick Deck.  Created specifically for the Creative Buyer, this promotional marketing tool is a favorite for locating the finest commercial illustrators, photographers, and designers in our industry. Over the next few weeks we will be featuring each of the participating artists.  Today we begin with a gallery of the entire Deck.  Love to hear your feedback!

Photographed by Walker Esner

Designer of the Alternative Pick Deck packaging: Clare Ultimo

The artist included in the Deck are:

Photographers: Gina Binkley, Blair Bunting, CJ Burton, Bryan Cole, Kyle Dreier, Edward Gajdel, Tim Gilman, William Hawkes, Dana Hursey, Scott Lowden, Kent Miller, Tadd Myers, Lennette Newell, Bob Packert, Simon Puschmann, Frank Schott, Chris Sembrot, Kevin Steele, Zave Smith, 33Photo, Jeff Von Hoene, Hemali Acharya Zaveri,

Illustrators and Designers: Sergio Baradat, Tim Butler, Robert Carter, Kevin Dresser, Daniel Fishel, Guyco, Takahisa Hashimoto, Viktor Koen, Lacko Illustration, Tansy Myer, Ken Orvidas, Chris Roth, Arlen Schumer, Smay Design, Mark T. Smith

Art Directors, Creative Directors, Art Buyers and Photo Editors are eligible for complimentary copies. Please contact us via email ( or if you would prefer, contact us by phone at (212) 675-4176.

Alternative Pick Deck on

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2 Responses to The 20th Anniversary Edition :: The Alternative Pick Deck

  1. Ray White says:

    I love the paintbrush asparagus by Dreier. Extraordinary!


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