Wednesday : Tip Jar

Be social. We’re not talking about ice-cream.

Are you typically dragged out of the studio kicking and screaming
to attend a networking event by a well-intentioned friend supposedly looking out for your professional interests? Relax. There is a less painful way to save the friendship and your pro rep.

You cannot miss the all-pervasive social media buzz that surrounds you by people, places and brands. From your children to your grandmother, the demographics may surprise you. The more appropriate question may be “who’s not on social media?”

If you haven’t embraced it, dive in. There is no other way to get in the deep end. Forget dipping a toe in the shallow end and easing your way in shivering. Do the cannonball. Now.

If you’re an Altpick member, simply add your Facebook and Twitter usernames to your page under “Member Information”. Say yes to “Publish tweets?” and your Twitter updates will appear under your main Altpick image.

There. Pain-free. No screaming involved. At least in public.

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